Welcome to our Clash of Clans Hack one of the most successful games in the last decade so far, the game has managed to bring a revolution to the mobile games and yes, we know that there are new games are out there using the same mechanism of the gameplay.

We are going to cover the main parts of the gameplay. We are planning to do a detailed review of the game contents, so if you are a new player or even a veteran, you will find newly updated information.

The construction of the Clash of clans Hack will consist of 3 Main Points:

  • Defense: working hard on your defense is something you have to put into consideration, as the defense will establish this foundation to build your clan on.
  • Resources: Finding the right resources at the right time will boost up your construction plans and help you with bringing your dreams into reality, and let us be honest…without the resources you will most likely end up demolished.
  • Army: the last phase you will be entering so far is the army, having the defensive state at its peak and enough resources to invest…then creating an army to invade other clans and expand your territory is your way to go.

Get Started

As soon as the game begins, there will be message informing you about the ability to use the in-game purchase, but we are not recommending it as the Clash of Clans cheats will work as an alternative and it is a free one.Here are the most important tips to enhance your improvement.

  • You can disable the in game purchases.
  • Read our review to know exact locations of the resources.
  • Activate the Clash of Clans cheats.

Welcome Chief!

Clash of clans Hack is going to become your new village, it is a lovely place and the life should have been perfect but the goblins will not allow you to enjoy this steady pace of life. You have to step up your game and find a right way to terminate them all from the surroundings.

This will be taking us into the defensive state details.

  • Cannons
    • Very solid at guarding corners of the village
  • Giga Tesla
    • Blasting electric attack that will leave your enemies in shock!
  • Archer Tower
    • An advanced version of the cannons and can still target the flying units.
  • Mortar
    • Very Solid and will wipe down an entire army without even seeing it coming.
    • It is somewhat slow and the range is unbelievable, so we are recommending you to consider it into your defensive phase. Watch out, it could attack your own troops as well.
  • Air Defense
    • It is specialized in terminating the enemies in the air; we are not recommending you to get many of it, as it will be useless without defensive ground units.
    •  Always try to have these towers at the most critical places to cover the ground units from air strikes.
  • Wizard Tower
    • The range is ridiculously low, but the DPS is insane. It is most suited against the high health units. Thanks to the attacking rate of this tower, it could eliminate an entire army in no time.
  • Air Sweeper
    • The strongest Weapon against the flying units. We have tested it and it is guaranteed to be on our top pick list so far. The only disadvantage of this weapon is the attacking directions.
    •  It can only attack the facing direction and you have to rotate the sweeper manually to change its target. This is something you have to put into consideration and train on it frequently.

The Second Phase of The Defensive Setup is The Traps…

We have mentioned previously a lot of the defensive systems to follow and to add into your lineup, but this time we are going to speak about something different, it will require from you to keep reading the our main instructions to cover the expenses and also to use your brain to understand exactly how these traps are going to work…

  • Hidden Tesla
    • The Tesla trap will be hidden under the ground, as soon as the enemy moves part it, it will fry him out in no time. Building more than 3 Teslas in a very close area will lead to a stronger electric attack.
  • Bomb Tower
    • It is better to place it at the passages of the ground troops.
    •  It will start by throwing bombs at the ground units, but as soon as they finally manage to destroy it. It will deal a massive blow to the surrounding enemies.
  • X-Bow
    • This machine has two options to choose form, either the reduced range to attack all types of units, or simply limit it to the Ground troops at a much higher range.
    • It will attack rapidly without any sort of mercy; you should be expecting it to become your best defensive station.
  • Inferno Tower
    • It does not care about the Clash of clans Hack defensive states of your enemies; they will be destroyed due to the massive damage from the lava attacks.
    • It is always recommended to put your hands over the main hall to upgrade the defensive structures to their latest possible potential.
  • Eagle Artillery
    • It would be smart to have this unit at the most crowded battlefields ever, as it will stay idle as long as there are only few number of enemies around. As soon as the enemies increase, then it will start dealing powerful attacks to the groups.
  • Walls
    • We are not going to speak more about the importance of having your village surrounded with the most powerful walls possible.
    • Increase the construction process speed via the Clash of Clanshack.
  • Traps
    • The traps in general are not that expensive, but they will require a lot of brainstorming in order to find the perfect place for them. We have seen many players placing the traps randomly so they never get the chance to be activated.

By reaching this point, we are now aware of the main fundamentals of the defensive state and knowing exactly how to keep your village at a safe bay. We would love to remind you again with the importance of Clash of Clans cheats to receive thoseClash of Clans free gems.

Get To Know Your Resources Facilities

Every newly created village must have its own source of income to help it expanding and improving in the future. Of course, the Clash of Clanshack alongside theClash of Clans free gems will help in this regard, but that will not be enough on its own.

  • Town Hall
    • Every village have a town hall, it is the beating heart and it must reach its highest potential to unlock the remaining facilities on the other departments.
  • Gold Mine
    • It will start producing gold to your account, and it will increase the capacity of the gold once upgraded.
      • TheClash of Clans free gems from Clash of Clanshack will occupy another place than the gold storage, so do not worry about it.
  • Elixir Collector
    • Make sure that you are having this building outside your base; it is for your own sake. The elixirs will be used in upgrading anything and producing your great army. It is a very crucial structure so having it is necessary.
      • Imagine combining the elixirs with the right units…you will lead the world in no time.
  • Dark Elixir Drill
    • It does the same job as the elixir collector but in a different form. The types of elixirs being extracted are very rare.
    • They are being extracted at a slower pace.
      • Try to protect them with all what you got, or consume it as soon as it is ready so your enemies would not get the chance to steal it from you.

Raise An Unstoppable Army With The Clash of ClansHack!

Creating an army will help you with winning your attacks. It is not that simple invading another village and stealing their resources, you must have a solid tactics and a strong army to whist and the defensive traps from the enemies.

Here is a list of the most crucial units with their best usage methods:

  • Builder Barracks
    • Raged Barbarian: A weak unit and it is only recommended for the beginning.
    • Sneaky Archer: Solid at the ranged combats but very weak in the melee ones.
    • Boxer Giant: could be used as a tanker to lead the army and take the most damage.
    • Beta Minion: one of the strongest flying units in the
      Clash of clans Hack, it is a solid option to be used if your enemy is not having enough defensive set-ups for the flying units.
    • Bomber: Very quality when it comes to destroying the enemy’s defensive buildings.
  • Star Laboratory
    • It is used for upgrading the units in your army and increasing their potential at the battlefield.
    • Expect to see new features implemented into your army as you upgrade this facility.
    • One of the most underrated buildings in the game.