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Commanders, new fronts are opening up!

Commanders, new fronts are opening up! Commander: The Great War releases on iPad and Steam today   Epsom, UK, July 25, 2014. Acclaimed by the press – “Can’t recall enjoying a grand-strategic WWI title more” (Rock Paper Shotgun), “Accessible and well-documented, without sacrificing challenge or strategy” (Tacticular Cancer) – and rewarded by the community with […]

Commander: The Great War coming to Steam

Starting the end of this week, we will be releasing another batch of games on Steam. Commander: The Great War, Frontline: Road to Moscow and Advanced Tactics: Gold will soon be available on this digital store, thereby further expanding our Steam catalog. Kicking off this Friday will be Commander: The Great War. This intuitive and […]

Commander: The Great War 1.5.1 PC patch released

The Commander: The Great War 1.5.1 Official Patch is out. To update your game simply hit “check for update” within the CTGW launcher that starts up the game for an automated download and install. Or for those who prefer manual download and install, see here: Commander: The Great War patch downloads   You can check […]

Commander: The Great War iPad gets release date!

Hi everybody, First of all to all our American friends, a Happy 4th of July! After a successful beta test where you helped us out bringing the game to completion, we are now ready to announce that Commander: The Great War will hit the iPad App Store on Friday 25th of July! We are very much looking […]

Commander the Great War iPad approved by Apple

Commander the Great War iPad approved by Apple. Release date will be announced on Friday!  

To all CTGW iPad Beta-testers: URGENT! Feedback needed on latest build #33!

Hi guys, Could all Commander: The Great War iPad Beta-testers please give the latest build #33 a good test today, this is normally the last build before release, unless we find something horrible wrong. So please all Beta-testers, help us here as much as you can and test the latest #33 as much as you […]

Commander: The Great War iPad submission and latest PC patch news

Commander: The Great War for iPad has been in submission since last week, eagerly awaiting Apple`s approval to release… So the CTGW iPad release is imminent and will go hand in hand with the latest v1.50 patch release for PC.

Commander: The Great War for iPad new Beta build

Commander: The Great War for iPad new Beta build coming later today, weekly Friday CTGW iPad Beta updates from now on are planned. Main focus is on new faster AI and fixing reported bugs.

Commander The Great War iPad Beta testing started

Commander The Great War Beta testing started, we just added a small first test group for this test round. There are plenty to come and we will add more and more testers the closer we get to Gold, so if you are not selected this round, don`t worry better luck next Beta build! Thank you […]

Panzer Corps comes to Steam

The award-winning strategy game Panzer Corps is now launching an attack on a new platform with its release on Steam! Thanks to the fans who supported the game with thousands of votes, Panzer Corps was Greenlit on Steam last December. After two months of optimizing and adapting the game to this platform, and implementing 84 unique achievements, Panzer […]